Top Napoleon Wood Stove Models in 2024

Napoleon a well-known company established in 1976, is known for producing innovative products, including the Napoleon wood stove. By 1981, Napoleon quickly became one of the most popular brands in the industry.

Napoleon Wood Stove

A Napoleon wood stove offers an efficient way to keep your home warm. It can burn for up to 8 hours, emitting up to 65,000 BTUs, ensuring warmth and comfort.

These stoves provide both heat and light, akin to a traditional wood fire. They also feature a special component to keep your floors clean, with easy cleanup facilitated by the removable ash pan.

Napoleon Wood Stoves Models

Napoleon Wood Stove

Napoleon wood stoves, made by Wolf Steel / Napoleon, are known for being strong and dependable. They keep working well every year, helping you save energy by heating your home efficiently. These stoves come in different styles, from classic to fancy cast iron designs.

“Napoleon is always coming up with new ideas and technology to make their stoves better, like their special PHAZER® logs, luxurious Napoleon Gas Grills, and some of North America’s most advanced fireplace technology.”

They use smart engineering and make their stoves with care, so they’re really good quality. Plus, Napoleon offers great customer service and warranties that are better than other brands.

S Series Stoves

The S-Series Wood stove has a modern look with excellent features like extended burn times, a durable firebox, and a wide ash lip for floor protection. It’s EPA-approved and has a stylish cast iron door and base finished in metallic charcoal.

3 Top Napoleon Wood Stove Models

1: NAPOLEON S20 & S25 Stove

Napoleon Wood Stove

  • Price:  $3694.00

The S20 is a great choice for people who want a modern wood-burning stove that meets EPA 2020 standards. It looks sleek and modern and has awesome features like long burn times, a strong firebox top, and a wide ash lip to keep your floor safe. Plus, its big ash pan with smooth rollers makes cleaning up super easy.

2: Napoleon Timberwolf 2100-1 Stove

Napoleon Wood Stove

  • Price: $1794.00

Approved by the EPA, the Economizer Small 2100-1 Wood Burning Stove from Timberwolf features a firebox fully lined with refractory material and a cast iron door painted in black. Additionally, each stove is designed with an air control lever conveniently placed for easy adjustment.

3: Napoleon Timberwolf 2200-1  Stove

Napoleon Wood Stove

  • Price: $1924.00

The Timberwolf Economizer Medium Wood Burning Stove efficiently heats your home with wood. Known for burning wood cleanly and being cost-effective, it ensures warmth. With its sturdy cast iron arched door and spacious viewing area, the 2200 model is an excellent choice for your home or cottage.

​Wood Burning Stove By Napoleon

Experience warmth and efficiency with the Napoleon Wood Burning Stove, as you will see in this video.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Napoleon A Good Brand Of Wood Stove?

Napoleon has many top-quality products for your home, inside and outside. Their wood fireplaces are especially good, meeting high standards and making them a popular choice for people looking for fireplace products.

What Is The Best Wood Stove Ever Made?

The King boasts an efficiency rating of 81%, making it the most efficient wood stove worldwide.

Where Is The Napoleon Wood Stove Manual Located?

The Napoleon wood stove manual can be found on the official Napoleon website or may have been included with the stove at purchase.

What Is A Napoleon Wood Stove Blower?

A Napoleon wood stove blower is a device that helps distribute heat more evenly from the stove, making the room warmer and cozier.

Are New Wood Stoves Better Than Old?

New wood stove models are safer and more efficient, producing minimal smoke, ash, and requiring less firewood. Unlike older stoves emitting 15-30 grams of smoke per hour, EPA-certified ones release no more than 4.5 grams per hour.

What Is The Purpose Of A Napoleon Wood Stove Fan?

A Napoleon wood stove fan is used in tiny house wooden homes to improve heat circulation from the stove, ensuring more efficient heating of the surrounding space.

What Is The Napoleon 1402 Manual?

The Napoleon 1402 manual is a guidebook that explains how to set up, use, and take care of the Napoleon 1402 wood burning stove.



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