10 Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland In 2024 Buy on Cheap Price

Tiny house for sale Maryland to cost around $140 to $ 500 per square foot .They offer a simpler way of living with lower energy costs. These homes are attractive because they’re economical and can be moved around easily.

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

To help you find the best tiny homes for sale Maryland, the article lists the most mobile, affordable, and small square footage homes to get you started.

This article will give you all the information you need about buying a tiny home in Maryland, including some great options available for sale.

10 Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland In 2024 Buy on Cheap Price

Here is the list of tiny homes for sale maryland.

1: Tiny Homes Pine One Room in Maryland 

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Severna Park
  • Square Footage: 350
  • Cost: $30,000.00

Features of Tiny Home Pine One Room:

  • Only four years old and in great shape
  • One room and a separate bathroom
  • Kitchenette
  • Electric heating
  • Air conditioning
  • Water heater
  • Refrigerator
  • High ceilings
  • Big windows for a spacious feel
  • Mobile and perfect for travel enthusiasts
  • Ideal for a greener and more affordable lifestyle

2: Tiny Home Mighty Small in Maryland 

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Louisville
  • Square Footage: 1,500 feet
  • Cost: $140 to $328 per square foot

Features of Mighty Small Home:

  • Special builder known for tiny home designs
  • Delivers homes throughout the state
  • Offers a range of home-building kits made with structural panels
  • Kits include everything needed to build tiny homes or smaller homes up to 1,500 square feet
  • Options to choose different finishes and interior framing materials
  • Notable design called “The Tiny.

3: Tiny Home Like New in Maryland

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Glen Arm, Maryland
  • Square Footage: 192 square feet
  • Cost: $42,000.00

Features of Like New Tiny Home:

  • Previously used as an Airbnb
  • One with a king-sized bed
  • One with a twin bed and ladder
  • Decent-sized refrigerator
  • Oven
  • Four-burner gas stove
  • Large window in the living room for plenty of light
  • Wall-mounted TV
  • Sleeper sofa
  • Electric mini-split
  • Propane eco-temp water heater for heating
  • Full-sized shower
  • Sink
  • Toile

4: Tiny Home Liberation in Maryland

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Pennsylvania
  • Square Footage: 400
  • Cost: $222 to $368 per square foot

Features of Liberation Tiny Home:

  • Customized and pre-designed tiny homes
  • Delivery available anywhere in the state
  • Catalog includes three distinct styles with unique features
  • Options include:
  • First-floor bedroom
  • Single and double lofts
  • Built-in workspace
  • Storage sheds
  • Notable model: “Aframe” with a modern and striking design

5: Tiny Home Dream in Maryland

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Baltimore
  • Square Footage: 300
  • Cost: $73,000 per 399 square feet

Features of Dreamy Tiny Home:

  • Stunning wood finish
  • Spacious bedroom fitting a queen-sized bed
  • Cozy propane fireplace
  • Lovely spice rack that can be tucked away
  • Two lofts with 4-foot high ceilings for storage, play area, or additional bedroom
  • Well-insulated ceilings, walls, and floors
  • Vinyl Thermo-Pane windows for warmth during winters
  • Modern amenities including:
  • Ceiling fans
  • Cable outlets
  • Heating
  • 20-gallon electric water heater

6: Tiny Home Maverick in Maryland

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location:  Ohio
  • Square Footage: 290
  • Cost: $402-$404 per square foot

Features of Maverick Tiny Home:

  • Three styles of tiny homes to choose from
  • Option to make changes or completely customize the tiny house from their catalog
  • Luxury upgrades available for enhanced off-grid living
  • Notable design: “The Expedition“.

7: Tiny Home Blank Slate Cabin in Maryland

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Hollywood, Maryland
  • Square Footage: 240
  • Cost: $18.000 per 240 square feet

Features of Tiny Home Blank Slate Cabin:

  • Bunk beds
  • Fully equipped bathroom with:
  • Big shower
  • Sink
  • Vanity
  • Toilet
  • Includes electricity, air conditioning, and heating
  • Two lofts
  • Good-sized bedroom
  • Mobile design for easy relocation
  • Comfortable in any season

8: Tiny Home Modern Tiny Living in Maryland

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Columbus
  • Square Footage: 310-square-feet
  • Cost:  $400 Per square feet

Features of Modern Tiny Living Home:

  • Four types of pre-designed tiny houses available in various sizes
  • Fully customizable projects
  • Built-in furniture and customizable features
  • Mobile design for easy relocation
  • Notable design: “The Point

9: Tiny Home Cool White in Maryland

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Salisbury, Maryland
  • Square Footage: 480
  • Cost: $27,000.00

Features of This Cozy Tiny Home:

  • Small, lightweight, and cozy design
  • Custom cabinets made of real wood
  • Good-sized fridge
  • Full-size futon bed
  • Big shower
  • Basin sink
  • Propane oven for cooking
  • Propane water heater
  • Low-power air conditioning
  • 30-gallon water tank
  • Solar-powered lights
  • Well-insulated walls and ceiling for warmth in winter

10: Tiny Home Dreamwood in Maryland 

Tiny Homes for Sale Maryland

  • Location: Germantown, Maryland
  • Square Footage: 420
  • Cost: $109,000.00

Features of This Modern Paradise Tiny Home:

  • Charming wooden exterior and trim
  • Wooden accents crafted from wood over 150 years old
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Granite countertops in the kitchen
  • Large appliances and ample cabinet space
  • Spacious living area with movable furniture
  • Beautiful wooden floors for a seamless flow between rooms
  • Good-sized bedroom with special cabinets and abundant natural light
  • Murphy bed that folds into a cabinet, turning the room into a workspace
  • Stylish bathroom made from reclaimed wood
  • Unique shower with river rocks on the walls and floor

You can find tiny homes for sale Maryland on various websites. Explore the options below and check them out.


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