11 Best Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky! Discover tiny houses with land for sale in Northern Kentucky, offering options such as ready-to-build land, prefab homes on wheels, and land packages for tiny homes all priced attractively at $319,500.

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

List of 11 Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

Here is the list of 11 Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky.

1: Tiny House Birchwood Thow 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $39,500
  • Area: 160 square feet
  • Location: Birchwood

This tiny house on wheels is perfect for exploring America’s vast landscapes while feeling at home. It’s made to run without needing to connect to power or water supplies, and you can take it wherever you go.

Inside, it’s stylish and has fancy kitchen appliances like stainless steel ones and granite countertops, giving it a touch of luxury. If this one isn’t your dream tiny house, don’t worry.

There are many more luxury tiny houses for sale all over the country, including in Kentucky. You’re bound to find one that’s just right for you on Tiny House Listings.

2: Equine RV Tiny House 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $85,000
  • Area: 160
  • Location: Louisville

If you dream of owning a tiny house that looks like a big truck with a beautiful red and white trailer, you’re in luck! You can buy the trailer separately from the truck, which has only driven 586,000 miles. Inside the trailer, it’s really nice with granite countertops, walnut floors, comfy leather sofas, and even a satellite TV. Plus, if you love the Dallas Cowboys, you’re in for a treat.

Looking for tiny houses for sale in Kentucky? Check out this amazing option.

3: Park Hills Mini House

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $2500
  • Area: 100
  • Location: Park Hills

This tiny house was once the clubhouse for a tiny group. It’s made in the old-fashioned way without plumbing or electricity. it comes with a tiny price tag. You can move it to your land and turn it into a cozy space for one person to live in. With some inexpensive upgrades, it can become just what you need.

4: Tiny House Taylor Mill Family 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $28,000
  • Area: 667
  • Location: Taylor Mill

This tiny house in Kentucky has two bedrooms and a well-maintained interior. It also features a large deck in the backyard where you can enjoy time with your friends and family.

Right now, the price is significantly lower than before, making it a fantastic deal. If you’re searching for tiny houses for sale in Kentucky, this one is definitely worth considering.

5: Tiny House Ol’Yeller 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $3000
  • Area:320
  • Location: Magnolia

Housing and transportation for a mere three thousand dollars, in addition to the pride of living in a school bus? You’ll have access to a fully functional kitchen, living areas, and ample storage space, all complemented by a gas engine to facilitate your travels.

6: Tiny House Kentucky Yurt 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $13,500
  • Area: 706
  • Location: Alexandria

This specially made 30-foot yurt has all the best features from Central Asian design: it’s strong against wind and snow, keeps you cozy, and has plenty of space for fun gatherings like dance parties. It’s built to work even without connections to power or water.

Inside, you’ll find a wood stove to keep warm, a fan powered by batteries, and a plumbing system that works on its own.

7: Tiny House California ,Kentucky Style

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $35,000
  • Area: 272
  • Location: California, Kentucky

Living in a tiny house can be incredibly comfortable in this cozy little cabin. It’s designed to be both a living space and a workspace, with ample room for an office. The home comes with two 60-watt solar panels, although it’s also set up to connect to the grid if needed. Despite not having plumbing, the inclusion of a composting toilet means you won’t miss it.

8: Tiny House Drake Ridge 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $12,500
  • Area: 120
  • Location: Taylorsville

This delightful little cabin comes with 1.2 acres of land for your own gardening and recreational activities with the children. It has been recently renovated, although it doesn’t come with water or electricity.

With a few simple upgrades and a modest financial investment, the home could become suitable for those who prefer not to endure rugged living every day.

9: Tiny House Brown Betty Thow

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Area:128
  • Location: Oneida

Designed and constructed in California, this compact RV is tailored for wood enthusiasts. It comes with all the essential camper hookups, brand-new appliances, windows, and other fixtures, along with clever features like hideaway stools. Recently, the price has been slashed by several thousand dollars, presenting a fantastic deal for potential buyers.

10: Tiny House Rustic Cabin 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $17,000
  • Area: 500
  • Location: Verona

Everyone enjoys finding a great deal, and it’s rare to come across one better than this. While some cosmetic work is needed on the interior walls and a few minor details need attention, this quaint old-fashioned cabin offers excellent value at its current price.

Remember, you’ll need to arrange transportation to move it to another property, so factor in those costs. It seems the seller is willing to negotiate, so you may be able to purchase it for less than the asking price.

11: Tiny House Mustard Seed 

Tiny Houses for Sale in Kentucky

  • Cost: $230 – $245
  • Area: 400
  • Location: Georgia

Mustard Seed Tiny House specializes in designing and constructing six types of modern-style tiny houses on wheels. Their homes are delivered to customers fully finished and come with interior carpentry customized to suit the customer’s preferences.


In conclusion, Kentucky’s tiny houses for sale offer diverse options for affordable living. From mobile luxury to rustic charm, these homes cater to various preferences and budgets, making minimalist living achievable.

Discover affordable freedom with tiny houses for sale under $15,000, making dreams of minimalistic living a reality. You can find these affordable tiny homes for sale in through various websites, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tiny Homes Legal in Kentucky?

Tiny homes in Kentucky can be legally constructed as there are no state laws specifically prohibiting their building. However, it’s important to adhere to general building code requirements, such as ensuring a strong foundation and proper ventilation.



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