Tiny House Summer Camp: Seasonal Adventures

The Tiny House Summer Camp in the Catskills offers adults a chance to relive childhood fun. This special camp provides beautiful water views, wildlife sightings, craft activities, tasty snacks, and more. It’s a fantastic place for a getaway.

Tiny House Summer Camp

Summer Camp Attendees and Projects

In early July, people from ages 13 to 62 came to the Tiny House Summer Camp. A young woodworker and his dad came all the way from Oakland, California.

There were also three people from Vermont who wanted to build tiny houses on trailers. By the end of the weekend, they almost finished building two new tiny houses. This means there might be more places to stay for new builders next summer if Diedricksen hosts another Tiny House Summer Camp.

“It’s not just about constructing tiny houses anymore; it’s like an enjoyable summer camp experience for grown-ups.”

Summer Activities

Tiny House Summer Camp

In the middle of the tiny house summer camp, there’s a warm pool that guests can use in the summer. And if you don’t want to cook, don’t worry! There’s a food truck right there at the camp. If you do like cooking, you can pick fresh herbs from the “Garden of Eating” that’s open for everyone staying at the camp.

The tiny house camp is also near a big creek. They have stairs that lead down to the water. You can use these stairs to get to the creek and have fun with your canoe, kayak, or raft on a sunny summer day.

Winter Activities

Tiny House Summer Camp

Even though it’s a tiny house summer camp, it’s open all year! In the winter, there are fun things to do too. You can rent snowshoes from the main office and use them on the trails. Many of these trails are also good for cross-country skiing.

So, whether it’s summer or winter, there’s always something fun to do at the little house summer camp.

Animal Encounters

At the front of this camp, there are cute farm animals you can meet. There’s a big area where goats and sheep stay, and you can even go inside to say hello.

You can also join them for daily walks around the camp. Close by, there’s a pond where ducks swim. You’ll see free-range chickens wandering near the check-in area. And guess what? You can collect fresh eggs from these chickens. When you leave, they might give you a carton of these yummy eggs.

If you wake up early at the tiny house summer camp and look out your window, you might see deer walking around. They are often there, but sometimes you might see other animals too. Just remember, it’s important not to touch or play with the animals you see.

Crafty Creations

No matter the weather at the tiny house summer camp, there are always fun crafts to do. The camp has a special arts & crafts studio. They offer workshops like making candles, painting rocks, and painting classes. When you join a workshop, you can make something cool to take home. If you want to make more crafts, you can do that too for an extra charge.

It’s a fun place that welcomes dogs. Before going, I got some new camping gear for my furry friend.

At the tiny house summer camp, they gave us a welcome bag full of goodies. I got some soap and a toiletry bag. The coolest part? My dog got her very own bowl and a special holder filled with poop bags. I had brought these items myself, but it was great to see her get these extra gifts!) Now we even have an extra bowl for our future trips together.

They have some great features for dogs. One cool thing is the fenced-in decks where dogs can play without a leash. My dog Kit loved relaxing in the relax shacks with us. It was nice knowing she was safe and couldn’t run away. When we walked around the camp, we made sure to put her leash on.

But wait, there’s more. The tiny house summer camp also has an outdoor dog wash and a special fenced-in area just for dogs to play.

Plus, all the tiny houses are dog-friendly. And if you have a cat, the Boho house is welcoming for them too!

The camp has 15 different united tiny houses available for staying. Some are by the creek with water views, some are in the woods, and some are near a waterfall. All these houses have electricity, water, heating, air-conditioning, TV, WiFi, a kitchen, and a bathroom. Plus, each house has outdoor space and a fire pit.

The tiny house summer camp offers houses in different sizes, fitting from 2 to 6 people. It’s great for couples, friends, or small families. If you’re in a bigger group, don’t worry! You can book multiple tiny houses close to each other.

The resort’s website even tells you which houses are best for bigger groups based on their size.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is a Tiny House Summer Camp?

A Tiny House Summer Camp is a hands-on workshop and educational event where participants learn about designing, building, and living in tiny houses. It typically includes practical building sessions, expert talks, and community activities focused on sustainable and minimalist living.

Can you Make a Shed into a Tiny House?

Choosing to live without regular city utilities like electricity and sewer is common. With a few changes, you can turn a shed into an off-grid tiny house.

How Much Does it Cost to Make a Shed into a Tiny Home?

The tiny house summer camp cost can be as low as $5,000 or up to $30,000, depending on different things. But there’s more to it. We’ve seen regular sheds become cute tiny homes with our shed-building kits expertise.

Is it Possible to Live in a Tiny House During Winter?

If your tiny house can be used off-grid or for boondocking and has water tanks, remember to prepare them for winter to stop them from freezing. Some people use heat lamps under their tanks to keep them warm.

Can you Build a Tiny House for $5000?

Make your dream tiny house without spending a lot. Use these affordable DIY tips to create a cozy and stylish home for under $5000. Start your tiny house project today!

What are some Key Features of a Frame Tiny House Plans?

A frame tiny house plans typically feature a distinctive triangular shape, maximizing interior space while providing a unique architectural design. They often include lofted sleeping areas, open floor plans, and large windows to make the most of natural light and views.

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