15 Best Tiny House Hunters Episodes

Tiny House Hunters is a television show aired on HGTV (Home & Garden Television) in the United States. The show follows individuals, couples, or families seeking to downsize and simplify their lives by moving into tiny homes.

These homes are typically much smaller than traditional houses, ranging from 100 to 400 square feet.

Tiny House Hunters

The show generally showcases searching for, touring, and ultimately choosing a tiny home to purchase or rent. It explores the motivations behind the decision to live in a small house and the challenges and benefits associated with this lifestyle.

In this article we will discuss Tiny House Hunters, Tiny house hunters season 4, tiny house hunters season 2 and tiny house hunters updates.

Tiny House Hunters Episodes

Discover the ultimate episodes of Tiny House Hunters, as voted by thousands of fans. Join home seekers on their downsizing journey, exploring three distinctive homes under 600 square feet.

From cozy cabins to innovative tiny abodes, witness the search for the perfect compact haven. Dive into the top-ranked HGTV tiny homes full episodes and experience the excitement of finding the ideal tiny kingdom to call home.

1: Colorado Couple Goes Tiny

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 7 – Aired 04/04/2016    

Heather and Chris from Colorado Springs, CO, want to live in a tiny house. They have three pets, which makes downsizing challenging. They want a small home to travel and have fun, but they need space for their furry friends.

Chris likes the industrial style, while Heather prefers a cozy cottage vibe. They have $65,000 to spend, but with different design tastes, will they find a home they all adore?

2: Living Cozy In Colorado

Tiny House Hunters

Season 4 – Episode 12 – Aired 01/05/2017

Natalie and Chris, a couple from Fort Collins, Colorado, are ready for a change. They want to sell their big house with three bedrooms and move into a tiny one. Because they want more time to enjoy the outdoors, make their beer, and hang out with their baby girl, Amelie. They have $200,000 to spend on a tiny house and some land in the countryside to put it on.

Chris likes modern-looking houses, while Natalie prefers something with a Craftsman style. But they both agree that their daughter needs her cozy spot to sleep in.

3: Leaving Hawaii For Tiny Living In California

Tiny House Hunters

Season 2 – Episode 14 – Aired 19/10/2015

Joy and LaToya, who served in the US Air Force in Hawaii, are moving from Hawaii to Escondido, California, for tiny living. They’re excited about becoming homeowners for the first time and want to avoid debt, so they’re opting for a small house.

Joy and LaToya will be working from home—Joy is returning to school, and LaToya is starting a blogging career. They hope their tiny house will have enough room to work separately, but they still want luxuries like a big bed and a dishwasher.

4: Single Dad Goes Tiny To Allow For World Travel

Tiny House Hunters

Season 2 – Episode 15 – Aired 21/11/2015

Jim, a single dad from Tulsa, Oklahoma, is moving into a tiny house so he and his daughter Denver can travel more. Jim, a teacher, wants to explore the world with Denver, so they’re downsizing.

He’s searching for a tiny house with a rustic feel, less than 400 sq. ft., and space for Denver as she grows older. With a budget of $25,000 and his friend Tracy’s assistance, will Jim find the perfect tiny home?

5: Outdoorsy Couple Goes Tiny

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 16 – Aired 22/08/2016

Adventurous couples who love the outdoors are getting ready to live in a tiny house they’re building in Fraser, Colorado. They want their small home to have a big bathroom.

6: Going Tiny In West Virginia

Tiny House Hunters

Season 4 – Episode 17 – Aired 22/05/2017

Skye, a college student from West Virginia, wants to live in a tiny house so she can quickly move for her job after finishing school. She plans to design her little home and asks her dad, Jimmie, to go to Austin, Texas, with her to find the right plans. Skye wants her tiny home to have big appliances and everything a regular house has, and she’s determined not to give up on any of her must-haves.

7: A Growing Family Looks For A Mobile Tiny House In Fullerton, CA

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 19 – Aired 01/08/2016

Rob and Robin have three young kids and another baby on the way. They want to find a tiny house they can move around in Fullerton, CA. They dream of traveling with their family across the country. But finding a more complicated house that can fit a big family is not simple.

They hope to find one with separate bedrooms for the kids, a full bathroom, and the option to live off-grid. Their budget is $33,000. Will they be able to find their dream home?

8: Going Tiny In Austin, TX

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 20 – Aired 08/08/2016

Lisa, a Colorado native, is leaving the cold of Denver behind for a new life in Austin, Texas. With her eyes set on financial freedom, she’s opting for a tiny house.

Assisted by her best friend Tara, Lisa is hunting for a mobile cottage she can rent space for until she’s ready to buy land. But with a budget of $50,000 and a long wishlist, will Lisa find the perfect tiny house to call home?

9: Family Shops Tiny And Mobile In Phoenix, Arizona

Tiny House Hunters

Season 4 – Episode 20 – Aired 29/05/2017

In Phoenix, Arizona, a couple is moving from their big 1,800-square-foot home to a tiny house, much smaller. They have two young kids and want a simpler life with less stress and clutter. They also want to travel. The husband wants a modern, rustic home with a separate office, stairs to the lofts, and storage underneath. The wife prefers a farmhouse style with ladders instead of stairs so the kids can play.

10: Going Tiny In Sunny Florida

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 23 – Aired 29/08/2016

Andrew and Raquel, a couple from Delray Beach, Florida, are ready to downsize. They want to live with less stuff and more freedom. They’ve gone to Memphis, TN, to meet a builder who can make their dream of a tiny mobile home come true.

They plan to park it in Delray Beach but also want the option to move it around quickly. Raquel likes a cozy cottage style and wants plenty of space to breathe, while Andrew prefers something small with an industrial flair. They have $55,000 to spend, but with such different tastes, will they find a tiny house they both adore?

11: Tiny With Teens

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 26 – Aired 22/08/2016

Anna, a single mom from Anderson, South Carolina, wants to live in a tiny house. She wants to teach her two teenage kids, Katie and Noah, that having less stuff can mean more money and fun. Anna used to live in a big house, but now she’s downsizing to a smaller apartment.

Now, she’s ready to go even smaller. Katie and Noah need their own space to sleep and play music. They have $60,000 to spend. Will Anna find a tiny home that suits everyone, even her picky teenagers?

12: Food Scientist Goes Tiny

Tiny House Hunters

Season 4 – Episode 28 – Aired 19/06/2017

Meet Ashley, a food scientist from Bentonville, Arkansas, ready to downsize. After spending lots of time traveling for work and getting used to living in hotel rooms, she’s decided to rent out her big three-bedroom house.

Now, she’s on the hunt for a tiny house. With her best friend by her side and a budget of $60,000, Ashley is searching for something modern and spacious enough for her to cook and entertain. Will she find the perfect tiny home?

13: Teen Goes Tiny In Colorado

Tiny House Hunters

Season 4 – Episode 29 – Aired 26/06/2017

Meet Jaden, a teenager from Fort Collins, CO, who’s about to start college. But here’s the twist: she wants to live in something other than a regular dorm. Nope, she’s on the hunt for a tiny house on wheels.

With her furry friends, a dog, and a cat tagging along, this 18-year-old musician wants a small home with everything she needs: a full kitchen, a bathroom, and enough room for all her musical instruments. She’s got $75,000 to spend, but will she find the perfect home that sings to her heart?

14: Bachelor Goes Tiny In San Francisco, CA

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 28 – Aired 19/09/2016

Scott is a San Francisco, California, bachelor ready for a change. He’s decided to embrace the tiny living trend in the city’s heart. With his friend Christina by his side for guidance, Scott is searching for a small home with at least 400 square feet, bright, airy, and a separate bedroom.

He prefers homes on solid foundations with a bit of land, all within the city limits. Even with a generous budget of $500,000, will he find the ideal tiny home in the priciest real estate market in the country?

15: Living Tiny In Texas

Tiny House Hunters

Season 3 – Episode 29 – Aired 12/09/2016

In Frisco, Texas, a couple whose kids have flown the nest, leaving them with an empty house. They’re thinking it’s time to downsize since they’re always jetting off on trips abroad. But here’s the catch: they can’t quite agree on how small they want to go.

Tiny house hunters where are they now?

Fans of the beloved show Tiny House Hunters often wonder about the fate of their favorite tiny home buyers. Throughout four seasons, viewers met many intriguing individuals searching for their perfect compact abode.

While some watched for entertainment, others genuinely cared about these individuals’ journeys. Now, many are eager for updates on their post-show lives. Here’s a glimpse into what some of these memorable tiny home enthusiasts have been up to since their television debuts, satisfying the curiosity of avid fans everywhere.

·         Jordan Strang & Aubree Bernier-Clarke

In Season Three of Tiny House Hunters, a Los Angeles couple embarked on a quest for a fixer-upper tiny home and sprawling land for new adventures. However, their unexpected $155,000 investment in a burnt-out structure amidst littered grounds bewildered viewers.

In a 2019 Slate interview, the couple reflected on their Tiny House Hunters experience, shedding light on their unconventional decision and offering a much-anticipated update to intrigued fans.

·         Mel And Carson Dohmen: Travelling Lightly

Carson and Mel Dohmen, featured in Season Three of Tiny House Hunters, embarked on a quest for a mobile tiny home. Carson, a writer, and Mel, an entrepreneur, sought a downsized living solution to facilitate their travel aspirations.

Following their episode, they launched a blog, “Local Color XC,” chronicling their adventures. Recently, they shared an update on life after Tiny House Hunters, providing insight into their ongoing journey.

How Real Is House Hunters International?

House Hunters International presents authentic reality television, showcasing real people navigating purchasing homes abroad.

However, like many reality shows, it may only capture some details exactly as it unfolds. While the individuals featured genuinely seek homes, some aspects of the show may be curated for entertainment.

Frequently Asked Question

Is House Hunters Still On?

Yes! With 248 seasons since its 1999 debut, House Hunters continues to be a beloved television program.

Tiny House Hunters Where To Watch?

You can watch “Tiny House Hunters” on HGTV or stream it on platforms like Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, or the HGTV website. Check your local listings for scheduling.


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