Upcoming Tiny House Festivals and Events in 2024

Tiny House Festivals are great events for tiny home enthusiasts to meet and share ideas. If you’re curious about tiny houses but haven’t made the leap yet, attending a festival is a perfect start.

You can talk with builders, learn about the latest technology in the tiny house community, and even step inside a tiny home to see what it’s like firsthand.

Tiny House Festivals

It’s also an opportunity to connect with likeminded folks who share your interest. In this atmosphere of creativity and innovation, you’ll find inspiration and practical insights that can help you on your tiny house journey.

List of Tiny House Festivals

Here is the list of tiny house festivals.

1: Tiny House Great American Show

Tiny House Festivals

At the Great American RV tiny houses Show, you can explore lots of cool ideas for sustainable living. They’ll showcase energy-efficient RV models with advanced technology. Additionally, there will be tiny houses designed with care for the environment, which are both affordable and practical.

Attendees can also participate in talks, discussions, and demos from experts at the event. They’ll cover topics like off-grid living solutions and using eco-friendly materials. The aim is to provide the knowledge and resources necessary to live in a way that benefits the planet.

“Mark your calendars for the three-day festival from August 17-19, 2023, at the Norris Penrose Center in Colorado Springs. It’s going to be an awesome opportunity to learn and be inspired.”

2: Tiny Homes Expo Festival

Tiny House Festivals

Tiny House Festivals are big outdoor shows that travel around Australia. They bring together tiny homes, products, services, speakers, demos, and lots of useful information.

At these festivals, you can chat with people who live in tiny houses, see different designs of tiny homes, and discover how off-grid setups work. It’s a great way to learn about living in a small and sustainable way.

“The 6th Annual Tiny House Expo is set to coincide with The Fresno Fall Home Improvement Show, taking place on November 8, 9, & 10, 2024.”

3: Westcoast  Expo Festival Small Home

Tiny House Festivals

The Westcoast Small Home Expo is returning to Vancouver, British Columbia. It’s all about living in smaller homes like condos, townhouses, tiny houses, and more. If you believe that smaller living is better, this is the event for you.

At the Tiny House Festivals, you can meet others who share your interest in living light. Whether you’re buying your first home or thinking about downsizing for retirement, there’s something here for everyone. It’s a chance to learn how to turn your small home dreams into reality.

The event offers tours of small living spaces, kitchen planning with compact appliances, and expert advice on heating, air conditioning, and energy saving. Interior designers will provide tips on colors and space planning, while speakers discuss the environmental benefits of living small.

Attendees can learn about gardening in small spaces, adding rental units for extra income, and building affordable tiny houses. Specialists in downsizing and organizing will also share their expertise

Join for two days of discovering the joys of living small at the Westcoast Small Home Expo on Jun 03 – 04, 2024, in Vancouver, BC.

4:  Tiny House Festival Georgia & Florida

Tiny House Festivals

The United Tiny House Association, known for organizing some of the largest Tiny House Festivals worldwide, such as those in Florida and Georgia, is excited to announce their upcoming festival in Georgia. This event will mark their 32nd charity gathering and the 9th in Georgia.

“After the huge success of their previous events, the United Tiny House Association is bringing its 30th festival, the Florida Tiny Home Festival (8th Annual), to Gainesville, Florida, on November 18-19, 2024.”

Following the tremendous success of their 31st For-Charity Tiny House Festival, they’re hosting another one in Madison, Georgia on April 27 – 28, 2024. The 2024 Tiny House Festivals georgia will feature numerous tiny houses, workshops, vendors offering interesting items to buy, delicious food, entertainment, and activities tailored for kids.

“Additionally, aside from these prominent festivals, they’ve also organized events in Florida in 2016, 2017, and 2018, and in Georgia in 2018 and 2019 showcasing tiny houses.”

5: Berlin Tiny House Travel Festival

Tiny House Festivals

Messe Berlin is introducing a new type of fun event called the New Leisure Network. They’re sharing stories about a new kind of traveler who wants to mix work with vacation, particularly emphasizing the concept of Tiny House Travel. To make this happen, they’re creating new ways for people to work.

“The Berlin Travel Festival is part of a group of events focused on fun and adventure. Along with Boot & Fun Berlin, Angelwelt Berlin, and Auto Camping Caravan, it offers something for everyone.”

At the festival, you’ll find things to buy, things to learn, and experts to help you plan your trips. People with all kinds of travel interests are welcome.

Travel professionals can meet others in the industry, share knowledge, and connect with travelers at the Berlin Travel Festival.

In 2022, nearly 50,000 people attended the first event. The festival will take place at the Berlin Exhibition Grounds from March 4, 2024, open from 10 am to 6 pm each day.

In 2023, the Berlin Travel Festival will focus on what people want from a travel event. They’ll showcase different types of travel, communities, and what they’re interested in.

The Berlin Travel Festival brings together travelers, destinations, hotels, organizers, and brands from around the world.

6:  Tiny House Southeast Festival

Tiny House Festivals

Hummingbird Tiny Home Rentals is making the Tiny House Festivals even better. They’re hosting the South Eastern Tiny House Festival in Danville, Georgia, which is about two hours away from Atlanta.

Excited to reach more people this year from all over the Southeast and gather them together to share the micro-living lifestyle.

Hummingbird TINY Home Rentals is organizing the South Eastern Tiny House Festival, scheduled for Saturday, October 28, 2024, to Sunday, October 29, 2024, at the Hummingbird location.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any Tiny House Festivals in San Diego?

Yes, San Diego hosts Tiny House Festivals throughout the year, typically featuring tiny house tours, workshops, and vendor exhibits.

Are there any Tiny House Festivals in Colorado?

Yes, Colorado frequently hosts Tiny House Festivals, offering attendees the chance to explore tiny homes, participate in workshops, and engage with vendors specializing in tiny house products and services.



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