11 Best Tiny House Bathtub Ideas for Small Spaces

Tiny House Bathtub is a small-scale bathtub specifically designed for compact living spaces such as tiny houses, providing a functional and space-saving bathing solution.

Many people in small houses can’t imagine life without a bathtub. Its strange how, over time, it’s an everyday necessity, so now there are many options for tiny house bathtubs.

Tiny House Bathtub

Living in a small house or apartment doesn’t mean giving up a great bathtub. That’s why bathtubs for small spaces are becoming more popular. David Chen says

A tiny house bathtub: where every drop of water is cherished, and every moment of relaxation is maximized in the art of compact living.”

They’re small enough for relaxation but leave space for other bathroom items. In many ways, they’re more convenient, affordable, and charming than more giant tubs. This article will discuss tiny house bathtubs, tiny house bathroom layouts, and tiny house bathtub designs.

Tiny House Bathtub Ideas

Here is the list of top tiny house bathtub ideas.

1: Wheelchair Accessible Walk-In Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This small bathtub is comfy and easy to get into. It’s great for older folks or people who have trouble moving around. You can easily walk in and out of it. It fits nicely in the bathroom corner, leaving lots of space for other stuff and making it easier to move around, especially for people in wheelchairs.

Plus, it has safety bars, a seat that meets ADA standards, a low step to get in, and a wide door for wheelchairs. And when you’re in the tub, you can enjoy bubbles, colourful lights, and pleasant smells for a relaxing bath. It’s not just a basic tub; it’s a safe, sound, and relaxing addition to your home.

2:  Acrylic Soaker Corner Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This small bathtub fits perfectly into the corner of a bathroom. It’s only 48 inches by 48 inches, so it saves space. Even though it’s small, it still offers luxury and convenience. You can put your book or drink on the edges while you soak because they’re designed to keep things safe and dry.

The bathtub has a shiny white finish that’s safe for bath bombs, oils, and salts so that you can have a spa-like experience at home. It’s like having your tiny house bathtub for a relaxing soak.

3; Steam Planet 59″ X 59″ Whirlpool Tub

Tiny House Bathtub

This tiny house bathtub from Steam Planet might be small, but it’s big on features! It’s a corner whirlpool tub, which fits perfectly in small spaces. With ten whirlpool jets, it gives you a super relaxing massage that helps to soothe your tired muscles.

Plus, it has two comfy headrests so that you can share the experience with someone special. The tub also looks fantastic, with a clear glass front that adds a modern touch. With this mini jacuzzi, you can have a spa experience right at home, any day you want.

4: White Rebecca 60” Freestanding Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This fancy tub is perfect for both practical needs and style preferences. It’s easy to install and looks classy with its smooth curves. Even in small bathrooms, it stands out as a focal point. Made of lightweight acrylic, it’s easier to install than heavy tubs, saving you time and money.

It’s bigger than most small tubs, giving you more space to relax and soak. With this tiny house bathtub, you can have both style and comfort without taking up too much space.

5; White Wyndham Grayley 60″ X 32″ Alcove Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This small tub from the Wyndham Collection has everything you need – compact, affordable, and easy to care for. Because it fits snugly into corners, it’s great for saving space in your bathroom. This tub is perfect if you want a shower and a bath but have limited room. It’s cheaper to install than other types of tubs as long as you have three walls to put it against.

Made with tough acrylic, it’s strong, clean, and won’t easily crack. Plus, it comes with left- or right-hand drain options, giving you more flexibility when planning your bathroom layout. Despite its low price, this tub offers excellent quality.

6: Cambridge Plumbing Swedish Slipper Tub

Tiny House Bathtub

This Swedish Slipper tub by Cambridge Plumbing is a unique mix of old-fashioned charm and modern style. It’s got a shiny white inside and stylish oil-rubbed bronze feet, blending classic and contemporary looks—the white suits modern bathrooms, while the bronze feet add a vintage touch.

Made of rugged cast iron, it’s easy to clean, keeps water warm for longer, and is super strong. You can fill it with water up to 18 inches deep, giving you a luxurious soak. Since it doesn’t have holes for faucets, it’s best to use freestanding or wall-mount faucets with it. If you want a small tub with a significant impact, this one’s a winner.

7: White Wyndham Collection Hannah 59″ Freestanding Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This stylish addition to small bathrooms catches the eye with its modern design. Despite its sharp edges, the tub provides gentle support and total comfort, with one end designed for reclining, supporting the head, spine, and upper body.

With a capacity of up to 74 gallons, it’s perfect for long, relaxing baths. The flat side on the other end can snugly fit against walls, making it a versatile and space-saving choice. Its contemporary design includes a sleek drain and overflow features for easy bathing. Its simple layout ensures easy cleaning and a hygienic bathing experience. Get both function and style without sacrificing space.

8: Venzi Madre Right-Drain 30″ X 60″ Front-Skirted Tub

Tiny House Bathtub

This sleek bathtub by Atlantis is perfect for small bathrooms. Its simple design fits well in tight spaces and corners. Its smooth rectangular shape and front skirt look neat. Installing it creates a seamless look with the wall, making the bathroom appear more prominent.

The tub’s shiny white finish and clean lines give it a modern feel, ideal for minimalist or futuristic bathrooms. Inside, it’s extra-deep, offering a spa-like experience when paired with bath salts and oils. Made with a unique acrylic material and antimicrobial coating, it’s safe and hygienic, especially for kids. Overall, it brings style, comfort, and cleanliness to any bathroom.

9: Royal Hydromassage Acrylic Walk-In Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This small bathtub is packed with extensive features! It’s not too big, measuring 52 inches long and 32 inches wide. Even though it’s small, it’s still super relaxing and has innovative features. Ella’s Bubbles make it, and they’ve ensured it’s safe to use with leak-free doors, quick drainage in just 80 seconds, sturdy grip bars, and a floor that won’t make you slip. Its comfort is excellent.

The seat is chair-height, so you may sit up straight while soaking and adjust the massage jets to your liking. The tray swivels so you can keep your drink or book handy. Despite being narrow, it’s spacious and cosy. It suits everyone, especially seniors who require extra safety and comfort.

10: Wyndham Collection Mermaid 60″ Freestanding Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This sleek black soaking tub is just what you need. With its stunning black exterior and elegant design, it can make a big statement even in small spaces. The reclining ends are shaped to fit your body comfortably, offering ergonomic support.

Its deep design and double-walled construction keep the water warm for longer, so you can relax. Whether you want a tub that blends in with your bathroom or stands out as a striking centrepiece, this black beauty will do the job perfectly.

11: Cambridge Plumbing Acrylic Double Pedestal Bathtub

Tiny House Bathtub

This 60″ X 30″ Pedestal Tub is ideal for those who desire extra soaking area and additional decoration options in their tiny bathroom. The freestanding installation gives you more placement options. This pedestal tub is lighter and smaller than most.

A spacious interior and gently sloping twin ends let you stretch and rest your entire body. Dual-layered acrylic over a fibreglass core makes this pedestal tub stylish and robust. The complementary oil-rubbed bronze plumbing package enhances the tub’s luxury. With proper upkeep, this tub may be a lifetime bathroom decoration and source of relaxation.

Tiny House With Bathtub For Sale

Tiny house with bathtub don’t have to be massive. Although small, small tubs are anything but lacking when it comes to style, practicality, and customer happiness. Although there are many different designs of bathtubs on the market, tiny tubs have remained true to their original purpose: to provide everyone with the relaxing bath they deserve in a comfortable and convenient space.

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Can You Put A Bathtub In A Tiny House?

These tiny house bathtubs offer the ideal combination of style and functionality, ranging from deep soaking tubs influenced by Japanese design to streamlined and efficient installations in terms of space.

Experience using cutting-edge materials such as copper, marble, and sustainable wood, all of which have been painstakingly sculpted to create a spa-like refuge within a relatively small space. These miniature bathtubs for the home are the essence of leisure in tight settings, whether in the middle of peaceful woodland or somewhere in the middle of an urban enclave.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Small Bathtub Called?

A tiny bathtub is commonly referred to as a compact or mini bathtub. These bathtubs are designed to fit into smaller spaces such as tiny houses, apartments, or bathrooms with limited room. Despite their size, they often offer features similar to standard-sized bathtubs for a comfortable bathing experience.

Can You Put A Bath In A Tiny Bathroom?

Yes, you can put a bath in a tiny bathroom. Opting for a small or compact bathtub specifically designed for tight spaces can maximize functionality without sacrificing the comfort of bathing.

Is There A Bathroom In A Tiny House?

Yes, a tiny house typically includes a bathroom. However, the bathroom is often compact and efficient due to limited space, featuring essential fixtures like a toilet, sink, and sometimes a shower or a small bathtub, such as a tiny house bathtub.

Tiny House Bathtub

Small Bathtubs


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