22 Amazing Tiny Home Plans

Tiny home plans are compact, efficient designs that maximize space. They often feature multifunctional areas, loft bedrooms, and minimalist living concepts. Tiny homes are small but cosy, with many cool ideas for them. Emily Brown says,

“Tiny homes teach us that happiness isn’t proportional to square footage, but to the quality of our experiences within.”

Tiny Home Plan

Tiny dwellings are simple, require less stuff, and require less cleaning. Big residences are great but only sometimes ideal. Tiny homes are generally more manageable. Whether you’re older and downsizing or desire a cosy lake, mountain, or seaside house, we have something for you.

Carefully constructed tiny home plans with porches, stone fireplaces, and comfortable layouts add Southern charm. They’re little but comfortable. Take a look at these tiny home plans that is ready for you to build.

What Size Is A Tiny House?

Tiny houses typically measure 400 square feet or less, providing compact yet functional living spaces. For those on wheels, dimensions often span 8.5 feet in width, 40 feet in length, and 13.5 feet in height, totaling 320 square feet.

However, flexibility reigns supreme in the tiny house movement, potentially expanding to 1,000 square feet for those desiring slightly larger accommodations.

This adaptable approach caters to individual needs and preferences, ensuring that tiny houses can accommodate diverse lifestyles while emphasizing efficiency and sustainability in modern living.

Tiny Home Plans With Dimensions

Tiny Home Plan


The tiny home plans boast a cosy yet functional design, with dimensions of 27 feet in depth, 26 feet in height, and 31 feet in width. Despite its compact size, this layout maximizes space utilization, offering ample room for comfortable living.

The thoughtful arrangement of rooms and features ensures optimal functionality within the limited footprint. From the welcoming entrance to the well appointed interior spaces, every detail is carefully considered to create a charming and practical living environment for its occupants.

List Of Tiny Home Plan

Here is the list of Tiny Home Plans, tiny home plans for sale, 2 bedroom tiny house plans and tiny house plans with cost to build.

1: Backyard Hideaway Blueprint

Tiny Home Plan

This plan is similar to a cool hideout in your backyard, but it is also designed to be a tiny home, complete with a comfortable living space, kitchen, and a great porch.

One of the wonderful things about this layout is that it allows you to decide whether you want the second room to be a cosy bedroom with space for your clothes or a small office area.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

891 square feet

2: Deer Run Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan


A warm and inviting living room with a fireplace, a large number of windows that let in plenty of natural light, and elegant French doors that lead to the rear porch are all features that can be found in the Deer Run design, which is one of the most popular house plans that we offer.

There is an additional bathroom and a comfortable bedroom area located on the upper floor, which is ideal for accommodating guests.

2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

973 square feet

3: Whiteside Cottage Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Whiteside Cottage is only 430 square feet; it packs a powerful punch despite its diminutive size. A bedroom, a full bathroom, and even a little porch are all included inside, equipped with everything you could require. A cosy refuge for individuals looking for peace, it is designed like a clapboard, which allows it to blend in nicely with the lush woodland backdrop.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

430 square feet

4: Hilltop, Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan

There is no need to look any further than the wonderful Hilltop small home plan if you are looking for a beautiful mountain retreat or a peaceful lakeside hiding. Complete with a warm stone fireplace and attractive railed porches, it is the ideal location for stargazing on a warm summer night or for savouring a cup of hot chocolate by the fire during the winter months. It is the very definition of a cosy living space at 539 square feet.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

539 square feet

5: Grayson Trail, Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Who wouldn’t love a home with both a front porch and a back porch? That’s exactly what Grayson Trail offers. And here’s the best part: you can turn the loft area into an extra spot for guests or your private retreat. With 808 square feet, it’s the perfect size for comfortable living.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

808 square feet

6: Beachside Bungalow Plan

Tiny Home Plan

With this quaint bungalow, all that is required of you is to locate the ideal location by the water. Take a look below: You will be swaying softly on the front porch while watching the sunset and holding a refreshing cocktail in your hand. The perfect oceanfront escape, this space is only 484 square feet.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

484 square feet

7: Palmetto Cottage, Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Imagine the cutest little cottage in the Lowcountry, and you’ve got Palmetto Cottage. It’s super charming, with a high ceiling in the living area, a cozy kitchen where you can eat, and a warm front porch perfect for relaxing. Surprisingly, all this charm fits into just 656 square feet.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

656 square feet

8: Garden Cottage, Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Keep it simple and sweet with the Garden Cottage. It’s a cozy retreat with one bedroom, bathroom, fireplace, and lovely covered porch. Whether you want a weekend escape or a permanent place to call home, this snug space, spanning just 540 square feet, fits the bill perfectly.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

540 square feet

9: Hickory Cove, Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan

The steeply pitched roof, charming shutters, and exquisite planter boxes that grace the windows of Hickory Cove, which display a touch of Victorian flair, are all elements that capture the audience. While the additional room gives space for hosting a friend or two, the charming side porch is an invitation to get together outside. A beautiful home that offers lots of space to relax and host guests, this residence spans 986 square feet.

2 bedrooms/2 bathrooms

986 square feet

10: The Ozarks Tiny Home Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Step into The Ozarks, your cozy country cottage nestled in the mountains. It’s the perfect hideaway with its inviting back porch calling you to relax, a warm fireplace, and roomy living spaces.

1 bedroom/1.5 bathrooms

974 square feet

11: Bluebird Cottage, Plan


Tiny Home Plan


The Bluebird Cottage is a tiny house plan that may be used as a comfortable, modest residence or as a guest hideaway on a vast property. Depending on your choices, it comes with a bedroom and a loft space that may be transformed into an additional bedroom or a sitting room. This small house plan encompasses a total space of 619 square feet and features a single bedroom and a single bathroom to accommodate.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

619 square feet

12: Heaven’s Door, Plan

Tiny Home Plan


Heaven’s Door’s tiny home layout has a stacked stone fireplace and Gothic windows to match its name. Two versions of this plan are available, one with a bigger front porch for added appeal. This tiny home plan includes one bedroom and one bathroom, covering .

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

804 square feet

13: Shoreline Cottage, Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Shoreline Cottage is a modern twist on the traditional cottage, perfect for those who love a good view. Its tall windows let you enjoy the scenery, while the gabled roof, window seats, and porch make it feel warm and inviting.

Up in the loft, which you can reach with a ladder, there’s extra storage or a cozy spot to read. This cottage plan boasts three bedrooms and one bathroom, covering a total area of 930 square feet.

3 bedrooms/1 bathroom

930 square feet

14: Cypress View, Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Cypress View is perfect for a cozy mountain retreat, a peaceful lakeside cabin, or a secluded beach getaway. You won’t need to search any further! Add a screened porch to expand your living area and soak in the beautiful view.

The rustic charm of this home is enhanced by exposed board and batten and stacked stone, but you can customize the siding to suit your style, whether it’s lap siding or brick. This plan features one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms.

1 bedroom/1.5 bathrooms

897 square feet

15: Oak Creek, Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Oak Creek is a cozy cabin plan that offers a front and back porch, providing ample space for relaxing with a refreshing glass of sweet tea and a good book. Inside, you’ll find a spacious living area that includes areas for cooking, dining, and lounging, as well as a comfortable bedroom. This cabin plan features one bedroom and one bathroom, all within a snug 412 square feet.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

412 square feet

16: Weekender Cabin, Plan

Tiny Home Plan

Weekender Cabin is the perfect spot if you’re up for some adventure. It’s great for outdoor enthusiasts or anyone looking for a weekend escape. Adorable board and batten panelling, a stickwork fence, and a ship’s wheel trim under the porch roof characterize this little home on piers.

Once inside, you’ll feel right at home. You’ll be toasty in any weather with the bed tucked into a window bay and the living room’s wood stove.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

770 square feet

17: Idea House At Fontanel Bunkie, Plan

Tiny Home Plan

The Idea House at Fontanel Bunkie is a charming tiny cottage perfect for a guest house or a super cozy home, measuring just over 315 square feet.

Greeting guests as they ascend the front steps, you will pass the porch, an ideal location for a couple of rocking chairs to create a warm and inviting ambience. Discover the guest suite on the inside. The kitchen and bathroom are hidden away at the end of the residence, making them compact and convenient.

1 bedroom/1 bathroom

317 square feet

18: Gin Creek, Plan

Tiny Home Plan

The one and a half story Gin Creek layout is attractive and pleasant. Since it combines elegance, comfort, and heritage, this mountain hideaway or Lake House is great for anyone looking for a compact yet stylish one.

Spend a pleasant afternoon sleeping on the covered front porch, which can fit everyone. The living and dining areas are combined, and the kitchen is hidden beneath the stairs to maximize space.

1 bedroom/1.5 bathrooms

906 square feet

19: Eagle’s Nest, Plan

Tiny Home Plan


The Eagle’s Nest is a lovely layout with embellishments inspired by Gothic architecture and a steeply pitched roof. A substantial amount of living space is available on both the main level and the loft, equipped with a bedroom and a bathroom. If you feel very daring, hang a hammock on the back porch for relaxation. The back porch is large enough to accommodate a picnic or dining table.

1 bedroom/1.5 bathrooms

634 square feet

20: Small Bungalow House Plans Mila

Tiny Home Plan

Check out these tiny home plans for sale, featuring the Small Bungalow House Plan Mila. With estimated building costs of around $27,300, this compact one story tiny house “Mila” is tailored for two occupants. It’s an ideal choice for a country house plan, especially suitable for seniors due to its reasonable DIY building expenses.

While the porch is initially small, it can be expanded and wrapped around the left wall, offering a lovely spot to enjoy evening tea while watching the sunset. This cozy home can fit seamlessly into any natural setting, making it a perfect retreat.

21: Pod House Plans Aria

Tiny Home Plan


Aria Pod House Plans are perfect for those seeking affordable tiny house plans with cost to build considerations. Available for $390.00, these comprehensive floor plans offer an estimated DIY construction cost of $19,200. This extendable tiny pod house is ideal for narrow lots, boasting charming shingle roofs and elegant curved lines reminiscent of parabolas.

Measuring a modest 14 ft in width, it’s a practical choice for those with space constraints and budgetary limitations. The loft area provides ample storage, while the illustrative cross section of the roof enhances structural integrity and can withstand extreme snowfalls or volcanic ashes. Moreover, as your family expands, additional rooms can be seamlessly added to the back of this versatile tiny home design.

22: Pod Cabin Plans Ava

Tiny Home Plan

Ava Pod Cabin Plans are perfect for affordable tiny house plans. Priced at $190.00, with an estimated DIY construction cost of $11,500. With indoor facilities, you won’t need to brave midnight trips to the outhouse. Spanning just 247 sq. ft., it’s cozy and budget friendly.

A simple tweak relocates the bed, creating space for both to unfold. Originally designed as an alternative to minimalist styles like container houses, it’s adaptable for ground screw installation, preventing water buildup. Plus, adding eco friendly features like solar collectors or water saving tanks is easy.

How Much Would It Cost To Build A Little Home?

Building a little home typically incurs an average cost of around $50,000. This figure starkly contrasts the average U.S. home sale price, which hovered near $298,000. The affordability of tiny homes becomes evident when considering these numbers.

However, house size, quality, and details affect pricing. Therefore, prospective builders should conduct thorough research to determine the cost that aligns with their budget and preferences.

Where Is The Cheapest Place To Build A Tiny House?

The most affordable locations for building a tiny house are in states like North Dakota, Arkansas, Kansas, and Mississippi. These areas typically offer lower land costs, construction materials, and labour than more densely populated regions.

Additionally, factors such as zoning regulations and building codes may be more favorable in these states, contributing to cost savings for tiny house enthusiasts. Individuals can maximize their budget and realize their dream of owning a tiny home without breaking the bank by choosing to build in these regions.

Frequently Asked Question

How Big Is A Modest Four Bedroom House?

The typical floor plan for a four bedroom home is between 1,900 and 2,400 square feet, with two or three bathrooms. The sizes range from 1,200 square feet to 3,500 square feet or more.

How Many Rooms Does 2,000 Square Feet Have?

Three to five bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, a living room, a dining room, and a kitchen are the typical room configurations for a 2000 square foot house.


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