15 Best Small Timber Frame Homes Ideas for 2024

Small timber frame homes are compact dwellings constructed using traditional timber framing techniques. Small timber frame homes offer a great solution for those looking to buy a place without breaking the bank.

Small timber frame homes appeal to those seeking a blend of rustic aesthetics, craftsmanship, and eco friendly design in a compact footprint.

Small Timber Frame Homes

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These cosy and customizable houses are packed with character and are often more affordable than larger properties. With so many options available, finding the perfect tiny timber framed home can be overwhelming.  Jacob Thompson says,

“Small timber frame homes are not just shelters; they are sanctuaries, where the warmth of wood and the embrace of minimalist design foster a profound connection to the essence of home.”

Whether you prefer a cosy cottage or a modern design, there’s something here to suit everyone’s taste and budget. In this article, we will discuss Small timber frame homes and small timber frame home designs.

Small Timber Frame Homes Kits

Small Timber Frame Homes


Small timber frame home kits provide pre prepared timbers for various home plans and projects and have a history spanning over a century. This concept traces back to the early 20th century when companies like Aladdin Homes pioneered home kit packages.

While these early kits primarily consisted of pre cut 2×4 and 2×8 framing lumber rather than timber frame construction, they laid the foundation for the modern small timber frame home kit industry.

Sears, Roebuck & Company joined the fray in 1908 with their mail order Modern Homes program, ultimately selling around 70,000 house kits, further popularizing the idea of pre built, packaged homes.

Small Timber Frame Homes Plans

Hamill Creek offers a timber frame floor plan collection that provides a solid foundation for crafting your ideal home. These pre designed layouts offer functionality tailored to your requirements and present a cost effective alternative to custom home construction.

Whether you choose to use these plans as they are or as a starting point for customization, they can serve as the blueprint for realizing your dream home. Additionally, they can spark inspiration for creating a unique design or be adapted by other professionals to suit your specific building site and preferences.

Best Small Timber Frame Homes

Here is the list of best Small timber frame homes.

1: Upcycled Tiny Home

Small Timber Frame Homes



This recycled tiny house is perfect for you if you’re concerned about the environment. It’s made from reused materials, like old windows, creatively assembled to make the outside wall. These windows let in lots of light, making the space open and airy.

Inside, the house celebrates its history by leaving the beams visible. Some cosy rugs and patterns give it a warm and welcoming feel. It’s like stepping into a cosy bohemian hideaway after a long day.

2: Northern California

Small Timber Frame Homes


A tiny timber frame house in Northern California has the cosines of a cottage.  It has wooden beams that make it look rustic and charming. Inside are handmade things like a cool ladder and hanging baskets with plants.

The home is smartly designed to save space. For example, some stools can be put away when not in use. The bed is high in a loft, separating the sleeping area from the rest. Sleeping under the wooden beams must feel comfy and snug.

3: Auburn Tiny House

Small Timber Frame Homes


The main themes within are wood, functionality, and taking in the outdoors. The raised bed has a fun bunk bed vibe but for adults. Plus, some stools can be easily moved around for guests.

There’s a cosy breakfast bar where you can enjoy your morning meal while watching the sunrise. Natural light fills the space, making it feel bright and inviting. Imagine snuggling up on the comfy blue sofa, surrounded by warmth, and it sounds incredibly relaxing.

4: Greenhouse Home

Small Timber Frame Homes


Living in this greenhouse inspired home feels like basking in sunlight all day long. The big glass panels let in lots of warmth, which helps keep the house cosy without needing extra heating. It’s like living in a comfortable cabin, always connected to the outdoors.

Inside, plants decorate the lower floor, making you feel closer to nature. The sloping roofs are stylish and practical, letting rain slide off easily. Imagine sitting inside on a rainy day, watching the water flow down the glass. It must be calming.

5: Storybook Stone Cottage

Small Timber Frame Homes


Imagine walking up to a charming tiny home with the gentle sound of a stream nearby. As you approach, a spiral staircase leads you up to the first floor, almost reaching the branches of a nearby tree.

The exterior of this two story cottage is small but beautifully designed. Lights placed strategically on the stone walls enhance their natural textures, adding depth to the building.

The touches of green perfectly complement the surrounding foliage, making this home blend seamlessly with nature. It must be a tranquil place, perfect for enjoying the sights and sounds of birds chirping nearby.

6: Wooden Cabin

Small Timber Frame Homes


This two story cabin in the woods might be what you’re looking for! Its design harmonizes beautifully with the trees around it, giving the forest a warm and welcoming feel.

Many windows around the cabin let plenty of natural light in and make you feel like you’re part of the great outdoors. It’s a lovely touch that celebrates old fashioned skill and craftsmanship.

7: Tinkerbell Treehouse

Small Timber Frame Homes


Its quirky design, using layers of timber, gives it a charmingly crooked appearance, almost like the neck of a dragon. This one might inspire you if you’ve ever dreamt of living in a tree house.

Leaving the bark on the wood adds to its natural charm, blending it seamlessly with the surrounding trees. The vintage style wheel on the side brings to mind old fashioned watermills, adding to the enchanting atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot for a magical getaway with a child who loves fairytales.

8: Simple Shelter

Small Timber Frame Homes


This humble home shows that simplicity can be beautiful. It cleverly uses tree trunks as steps leading up to the front door. The sloping roof adds a touch of elegance and protects from the rain. The rustic door’s wide hinges pay t, a tribute to traditional blacksmithing and cottage craftsmanship.

The designer has also thoughtfully raised the floor to create a convenient storage space for dry chopped timber. This way, firewood is kept close to the hut to heat it, adding a lovely textural element to the design.

9: Forest Home

Small Timber Frame Homes


This charming wooden house is tucked away high in the forest canopy, perfectly blending in with the surroundings. Its elevated design creates a sheltered space, perfect for gatherings or quiet moments. Plus, it offers a stunning, unobstructed view of the surroundings.

The cabin is thoughtfully designed, with sturdy railings providing safety while allowing you to enjoy the beauty of nature. The layered floors mimic the shape of a pine tree, adding to the natural charm. And let’s not forget the gorgeous stained glass window embedded in the wall, adding a touch of elegance to the rustic setting.

10: Canopy House

Small Timber Frame Homes


A spacious walkway welcomes visitors into the softly lit exterior of this home. Lanterns along the path provide a guiding light for guests returning from woodland adventures.

With its open plan layout, the house allows for uninterrupted views of the surrounding nature from almost every corner. Up here, it’s easy to feel a deep connection to the beauty of the outdoors.

11: Rustic Cabin

Small Timber Frame Homes


This small cabin is the perfect inspiration for those craving a cosy, bohemian vibe. Its weathered exterior exudes charm, each piece of wood telling its story and adding character to the home. The soft blue pillars at the porch entrance are a lovely touch.

We love the thoughtful details, like the double rocking chair on the porch, perfect for couples to cuddle up after a romantic stroll. And the intricately patterned window panes add a touch of enchantment to this rustic retreat.

12: Decorative Hut

Small Timber Frame Homes


This charming hut shows that even small spaces can showcase beautiful painted details. The traditional caravan inspired artwork on the door adds a touch of magic to the entryway.

And make sure to notice the meticulously arranged wooden pieces on the porch ceiling, showing the designer’s careful attention to detail. Staying in this relaxed home would spark all sorts of creative inspiration.

13: Arty Abode

source:pinterestSmall Timber Frame Homes


This unique tiny home takes creativity to new heights with its quirky gooseneck design. The vibrant blue accents add a splash of colour against the warm wooden tones, elevating its country style charm.

The turned wood pillars provide support and double as captivating art pieces. Each pane is shielded by beautifully crafted wooden slopes, keeping the glass clean and protected from rain and dirt.

14: Nautical Features

Small Timber Frame Homes


This house has a cool ocean vibe with its deep blue colours and the ship’s wheel decoration. Kids would love exploring it.

The glass roof lets in lots of sunlight, making it feel spacious. The shiny gold accents outside make it look great in any weather. It’s a fun, welcoming home that brings the sea to your doorstep.

15: Traditional Caravan

Small Timber Frame Homes


Small timber frame homes are perfect if you enjoy comfortable, appealing interiors. Imagine a magical tiny house that feels like stepping into a fairy tale. Every detail is enchanting, from the fancy metal decorations on the front steps to the whimsical porch design inspired by nature.

The mix of blue and orange colours makes everything feel balanced and manageable. It’s the place that would put a smile on anyone’s face.

Why Build A Timber Frame Home?

Here are five compelling reasons why opting for a timber frame home is a wise choice:

Small Timber Frame Homes


1: Enhanced Thermal Insulation

Timber frame construction integrates structural integrity with thermal performance, resulting in slimmer walls boasting exceptional U values.

This approach allows for thinner walls, reduced material usage, and increased usable floor area. Furthermore, timber frame structures are renowned for their superior air tightness, contributing to improved energy efficiency.

2: Environmental Sustainability

Timber is the most sustainable building material, boasting the lowest embodied CO2 levels and organic, renewable properties. Even imported timber demonstrates a significantly reduced carbon footprint compared to conventional construction materials.

This eco friendliness extends throughout the structure’s lifespan, as timber facilitates the creation of energy efficient homes, thereby reducing overall energy consumption.

3: Accelerated Build Speed

Timber frame construction offers expedited project timelines, a boon favoured by private developers seeking faster time to market and reliable building schedules.

Compared to traditional masonry methods, timber frame construction can slash build times by 25% or more, ensuring predictable progress regardless of weather conditions.

4: Cost Efficiency

Timber frame construction delivers cost efficiencies through reduced on site labour requirements and shorter overall construction durations. Prefabricated off site panels offer heightened quality control, minimizing material wastage and site related overheads.

Additionally, improved build quality translates to fewer callbacks, lower snagging costs, and heightened customer satisfaction levels, ultimately optimizing project budgets and timelines.

5: Superior Sound Insulation

Timber frame party walls excel in acoustic insulation, resembling two independent structures with minimal shared surfaces. This design minimizes sound transmission pathways, augmented by insulation and plasterboard to dampen noise further.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Hybrid Timber Frame Home?

To minimize expenses, a hybrid wood frame combines traditional timber framing with conventional (outdated) “stick built” framing. Timbers, a more expensive material, can be used in high traffic areas like your dining room, kitchen, porches, decks, great room, and main bedroom.

Is Timber Frame Expensive?

Building a Woodhouse timber frame house will range from $175 to $250 per square foot.


Small Timber Frame Homes

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