Runaway Campers: A Complete Guide

Runaway Campers, synonymous with innovation and adventure, offers a range of unique and lightweight camper trailers for outdoor enthusiasts.

With a mission to provide versatile and accessible camping solutions, Runaway Campers has captured the hearts of adventurers seeking freedom on the road.

Their campers are thoughtfully designed with a perfect blend of functionality, comfort, and personalization. From compact models that can be towed by smaller vehicles to rugged options for off roading escapades, Runaway Campers cater to diverse camping styles and preferences.

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What makes them stand out is their commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness, aligning with the values of environmentally aware travellers.

Whether a spontaneous weekend getaway or an extended road trip, Runaway Campers promise unforgettable experiences as they pave the way for endless possibilities on the open road.

What are Runaway Campers?

Runaway Campers is a company that specializes in manufacturing unique and lightweight camper trailers for outdoor enthusiasts. Their campers are designed to be towable by a wide range of vehicles, including smaller SUVs and crossovers, making them accessible to a broader audience.

Runaway Campers offer various models with customizable options, allowing customers to tailor their camper to suit their specific camping preferences and needs.

With a focus on versatility, affordability, and sustainability, Runaway Campers provide camping solutions that cater to diverse lifestyles and adventure styles.

Top Runaway Campers

The pricing and size of each of the four distinct trailers is varied. However, they can be towed by virtually any vehicle. If you want to go on a camping trip over the weekend, you can do so without purchasing a high-end pickup truck or even a truck. Following are Runaway campers.

1:      RangeRunner Runaway Campers

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  • Size: 6 by 8 feet
  • Weight: 765 pounds
  • Starting price: $7,645

The RangeRunner, an extended version of the CoolCamp trailer, offers a spacious 6 by 8 feet interior, perfect for family camping trips. Its versatile blank slate interior allows for customizable sleeping arrangements, accommodating a queen mattress, full and twin beds, or multiple twins.

Like the CoolCamp, it features a 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit with a shelf above it in the front and an extra rear window for abundant natural light.

While lacking a sofa bed and second entry door, the RangeRunner maintains the same high-quality build as the CoolCamp and offers the option for additional features.

2:      Venturist Runaway Campers

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  • Size: 4 by 8 ft and 6 by 8 ft options
  • Weight: 850 to 1,050 pounds
  • Starting price: $9,650 to $11,945

The Venturist mini camper by Runaway Campers is their unique trailer, perfect for overlanding adventures. It comes in two sizes: 4 by 8 feet and 6 by 8 feet. The 6 by 8-foot unit has both left and right side doors.

These campers have special features like Timbren axleless suspension, electric brakes, 17-inch Alpha Wheels, 33-inch BFG all-terrain tires, and custom-made fenders, providing over 20 inches of ground clearance for off-roading.

The Venturist also has a black powder-coated front diamond plate and a front air conditioning unit. Like other trailers, you can customize it with additional options to suit your needs.

3:      CoolCamp Runaway Campers

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  • Size: 4 by 8 feet
  • Weight: 580 pounds
  • Starting price: $5,995

Runaway Campers’ CoolCamp is their most popular and lightweight trailer, weighing under 600 pounds. With the addition of extras, its weight may vary. It offers a rear sofa bed and a shelf above the 5,000 BTU air conditioning unit in the front.

Standard features comprise diamond plate fenders, dual folding stabilizers, two tinted windows with screens, and other amenities.

The trailer boasts a fully welded square steel tube frame, solid wall construction, and a white fibreglass exterior complemented by aluminium trim, ensuring durability and style for your camping adventures.

4:      Rouser Runaway Campers

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  • Size: 6 by 7 feet
  • Weight: 840 pounds
  • Starting price: $9,220

The Rouser stands out as Runaway Campers’ sole stand-up trailer, eliminating the need to crawl inside. The trailer features one entry door on the passenger side and two 30 by 30-inch tinted windows.

Built with the same high-quality standards as the CoolCamp and RangeRunner, the Rouser distinguishes itself with an interior height of 5 feet 6 inches to 5 feet 10 inches and an exterior height measuring 7 feet 3 inches. Enjoy the convenience and comfort of the Rouser for your camping adventures.

What Makes Runaway Campers Unique?

Runaway Campers are special because they are small and light, which means a wide range of vehicles, can pull them.

They can be changed to fit your camping style, used for different kinds of camping, and are affordable without sacrificing quality. Also, they stand out as an eco-friendly choice because they care about preservation.

Lightweight and Compact Design

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One key feature that sets Runaway Campers apart is their lightweight and compact design. They are specifically engineered to be towed by many vehicles, including smaller SUVs and crossovers.

This makes them ideal for adventurers who prefer nimble and fuel-efficient towing options, allowing them to explore more remote and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Customizable Options

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Runaway Campers offer a variety of models with numerous customizable options. Customers can tailor their camper to suit their specific needs and preferences, Whether interior layout, sleeping arrangements, storage solutions, or additional features.

This flexibility allows for a personalized camping experience, making each Runaway Camper unique to its owner.

Versatile Use

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Runaway Campers are designed to be versatile and adapt to different camping styles. Whether you’re planning a weekend getaway, an extended road trip, or an Overlanding adventure, these campers can handle it all.

Their sturdy construction and off-road capabilities make them suitable for various terrains and climates, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable camping experience regardless of the destination.

Affordable Pricing

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Runaway Campers are known for their competitive pricing, making them an accessible option for camping enthusiasts on a budget. Their lower price point doesn’t compromise quality or functionality, making them an attractive choice for those seeking value for their investment.

This affordability factor has made Runaway Campers popular among outdoor enthusiasts, from solo travellers to families.

Emphasis on Sustainability

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Runaway Campers exhibit a commitment to sustainability and eco-consciousness. Their lightweight design contributes to fuel efficiency, reducing the overall carbon footprint during travel.

Additionally, the company’s focus on quality materials and durable construction ensures that the campers have a longer lifespan, reducing the need for frequent replacements. Runaway Campers is a responsible, eco-friendly camping option because of its focus on sustainability.

Are Runaway Campers Worth It?

Runaway Campers’ value depends on the viewer. Runaway Campers are inexpensive, lightweight, and tiny. They offer various models and features to suit different lifestyles and budgets. With durable construction and customization options, they can provide memorable outdoor experiences.

However, it’s essential to carefully consider your camping requirements and compare them with other camper options to determine if a Runaway Camper aligns with your expectations and offers the value you seek for your camping adventures.

What Kind of Car Do You Need To Pull a Lost Camper?

To tow a Runaway Camper, you typically need a vehicle with a towing capacity that matches or exceeds the camper’s weight. Since Runaway Campers are lightweight, many compact SUVs, crossovers, and small trucks can handle the task.

It’s crucial to check the specific towing capacity of your vehicle, which can be found in the owner’s manual or by consulting the manufacturer. To safely pull your Runaway Camper, you may require a towing hitch and wiring.


How Much Does a Runaway Camper Cost?

The cost of a Runaway camper can vary depending on the model and features. On average, a basic model may start around $6,000 to $10,000, while more luxurious and fully equipped versions can range from $15,000 to $25,000.

Factors like size, amenities, and customization options will influence the final price. It’s advisable to research different models and dealers to find the best fit for your budget and travel needs.


Runaway Campers are the epitome of versatility and value in the camping world. Their lightweight and customizable designs open doors to new horizons for adventurers of all kinds.

From families seeking affordable getaways to solo explorers yearning for off-the-grid adventures, Runaway Campers offer a perfect companion on the road less travelled.

Their commitment to sustainability adds an eco-conscious touch, making them a responsible choice. Embrace the freedom, comfort, and endless possibilities that Runaway Campers bring with their camper trailers and trailers for tiny houses, turning every camping journey into a cherished memory.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Runaway Campers Different From Traditional Rvs?

Runaway Campers are known for their lightweight and compact design, making them easier to tow and more fuel efficient than larger RVs. They also offer a range of customizable options for a personalized camping experience.

Can I Tow a Runaway Camper With My Vehicle?

Yes, Runaway Campers are designed to be towed by a wide range of vehicles, including smaller SUVs and crossovers. Their lightweight construction makes them easily towable for most camping enthusiasts.

Are Runaway Campers Suitable for Off-Road Adventures?

Certain models of Runaway Campers, like the Venturist, are equipped with features such as a Timbren axleless suspension, all-terrain tires, and increased ground clearance, making them perfect for off-roading and over landing adventures.

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