Top Rated Jacksonville Tiny House For Rent

Jacksonville tiny houses typically range from 100 to 500 square feet, offering numerous advantages such as reduced costs, lower utility bills, and flexibility in relocation.

These compact dwellings can serve as full-time residences, home offices, or even separate living spaces for family members.

Enjoy cozy living spaces with great amenities and a convenient location near shops and dining. Looking for a rental in Jacksonville? Check out this.

Jacksonville Tiny House

Top-Rated Tiny House for Rent Jacksonville, FL

Top-rated tiny house for rent in Jacksonville, FL, offering cozy living and modern amenities for a comfortable stay.

1: Oasis Jacksonville Tiny House for Rent

Jacksonville Tiny House

Oasis Jacksonville Tiny House has:

  • Guests: 2
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bed: 1
  • Bathroom: 1

Escape to your own private oasis at the Jacksonville Tiny House. This cozy retreat features a secluded yard, perfect for relaxation. With a 24-foot size, it’s equipped with all you need for a weekend getaway or a break from work. You’ll find a comfy lofted sleeping space, a convenient shower, and toilet inside.

“Located just a short drive from Mayo Clinic, Downtown, and Florida Beaches, it’s also close to fun destinations like Orlando and natural springs. Plus, St. Johns Town outdoor mall is nearby, offering plenty of food and shopping options. Experience this unique stay for just $61 per night.”

Oasis Jacksonville Tiny House Amenities

  • Scenic garden view
  • Courtyard outlook
  • Modern kitchen amenities
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Free on-site parking
  • TV equipped with DVD player, Hulu, Netflix, Disney+, and Roku
  • Window-mounted air conditioner
  • Private patio or balcony area
  • Fully enclosed private backyard
  • Exterior security cameras for safety

2: Shady Oak jacksonville Tiny House for Rent

Jacksonville Tiny House

Shady Oak jacksonville Tiny House has:

  • Guests: 2
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bed: 1
  • Bathroom: 1

Stay in the Jacksonville Tiny House surrounded by shady oak trees. Situated on a 2-acre property overlooking a nearby lake, this cozy guesthouse offers a comfortable retreat. Inside, you’ll find a queen-size bed, a small kitchenette with a fridge, microwave, and coffee maker.

The dining area can also be used as a workspace if needed. There’s a full-size bathroom for your convenience. Plus, it’s equipped with a brand new air conditioner and air purifier.

Outside, enjoy the outdoor seating area in the private fenced yard, accessible through keyless entry. Located just minutes away from JIA, River City Marketplace, the Zoo, and the Cruise terminal. Book your stay from July 7th to 14th for $74 per night.

Shady Oak jacksonville Tiny House Amenities

  • Lakefront access
  • Modern kitchen
  • Free WiFi
  • Parking available on the premises
  • TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Hairdryer
  • Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Outdoor security camera

3: Sugarberry Jacksonville Tiny House For Rent

Jacksonville Tiny House

Sugarberry Jacksonville Tiny House has:

  • Guests: 2
  • Bedroom: 1
  • Bed: 1
  • Bathroom: 1

Come unwind at the Jacksonville Tiny House, a charming and peaceful escape conveniently located near the airport and major highways.

Surrounding the property are nature preserves and state parks perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, and biking. You can also spend a relaxing day at one of our beautiful beaches and indulge in delicious dining options.

If you’re looking for entertainment or events, Riverside/Downtown is less than 30 minutes away. Whether you’re winding down after a day of fun or just passing through, tiny house is the perfect place to rest and recharge. Book your stay for $89 per night. If you want to see more rental homes, click here.

Sugarberry Jacksonville Tiny House Amenities

  • View of the lake
  • Waterfront location
  • Modern kitchen
  • Free WiFi
  • Workspace dedicated for use
  • Complimentary parking on premises
  • TV featuring Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Fire TV, Hulu, and Netflix
  • Ductless split-type air conditioning
  • Bathtub included

Cost of Jacksonville Tiny House

Tiny houses in Jacksonville typically range in price from $200 to $400 per square foot.

For example:

  • The “Elm” model from Tumbleweed, which is 161 square feet, costs about $66,000, making it approximately $410 per square foot.
  • Canoe Bay offers a more luxurious option with their 400-square-foot “Escape” model, which ranges from $79,000 to $124,900 depending on the features. Even midrange tiny houses can be priced from $20,000 to $40,000.
  • For instance, Wind River Custom Homes offers a 204-square-foot bungalow for $40,000. Greg Parham from Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses sells his 136-square-foot “Boulder” model for $27,350.

Find tiny houses for sale in Jacksonville, FL. Live simply and comfortably in your own cozy space.

Tiny House In Jacksonville Florida

You will see a tiny house in Jacksonville, Florida, in this video.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Time Does It Take To Build A New Jacksonville Tiny House?

To make sure everything goes smoothly, it’s a good idea to begin planning your tiny house 9-12 months before you plan to move in. This gives the builders enough time to fit your project into their schedule and allows for any changes to the design, building the frame, and finishing touches.

Is It Legal To Live In A Tiny House In Florida?

If you own land in a location of your choice in Florida, you have the right to build your own tiny home. However, it’s important to conduct thorough research on your local zoning laws and regulations beforehand, as each county has its own distinct set of rules regarding zoning.

Can You Live In A Tiny Home In Florida?

Tiny home rules vary by county, but Florida is generally friendly to tiny living. It’s known as one of the best states for tiny homes, offering plenty of options for renters and buyers.

Are There Tiny Houses Available In Jacksonville Beach, FL?

Yes, tiny houses in Jacksonville Beach, FL offer unique and affordable living options in this coastal community.


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